Once in a while, a book absolutely captivates you. For Susie, this is one of those books. Reading through the media release of “Rosetta – A Scandalous True Story”, it initially looked like another fiction book about an adventurous, scandalous life. Then, she read the line, “It was not until three-quarters of a century later that Alexandra Joel discovered her great-grandmother’s name.” Suddenly, this wasn’t just another fiction. It’s the true story of a family heritage so incredible, that it took Alexandra traveling across the globe to even find out who her great-grandmother had become. Alexandra Joel, former editor of Harpers Bazaar and author of, “Parade: The Story of Fashion in Australia”, is now a psychotherapist by trade. The experience of unravelling her great-grandmother’s story, a woman who abandoned her husband and five year old daughter to follow a half-Chinese fortune teller, used all of her skills to piece together.

Consequently, this book gets us thinking about our own family trees and those skeletons in the family history closet. Jade joins us to share some of the incredible people and stories found when you look back in time and the importance of knowing what’s in your family’s past.


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