A controversial former International Cricketer and Australian Captain is our guest on this podcast, he’s very true to himself and he believes that by accepting who you are will make you happy and successful. Some fans and media may have misinterpreted him because of his arrogance in the field but there’s more too him than what they see and we are all about to find out in his book “My Story”, he is none other than the living legend Michael Clarke.

et0-3:05 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

3:06 minute mark – Guest: author of “Coach Yourself – A 7-Step Guide to Personal Fulfilment” book and success coach Muffy Churches, ego defensiveness, difference between being reactive and being responsive, new way to respond, self-awareness, watching and listening to your own responses.

12:22 minute mark – commercial.

12:50 minute mark – Guest former international Cricketer and Australian captain Michael Clarke and his book entitled “My Story” telling his life story and there’s no holding back.

15:55 minute mark – How different is the life of an Australian Cricketer vs. an Australian Captain?

17:00 minute mark – Arrogance of being an Australian Cricketer, what happens in the field stays only in the field, friendship stays but there’s always division because we are all different people.

20:00 minute mark – Michael Clarke a character of controversy, the cricketer who’s misinterpreted most of the time.

22:24 minute mark – Losing a friend and fellow cricketer Philip Hughes, Michael’s book being a big help in venting out his emotions.

23:24 minute mark – The strength of a leader.

24:25 minute mark – we are not the victim of others Judgement.

25:00 minute mark – Michael’s greatest achievement is getting back to number 1 from being down to number 5.

26:00 minute mark – Michael’s style of leading a team.

28:33 minute mark – going through failures, realizing strength, accepting who you are, there are fantastic days in the field and there are those failures, loving the game, working on weaknesses.

30:00 minute mark – Does Michael Clarke enjoy the life and time away from cricket now?

30:30 minute mark – the Michael Clarke Cricket Academy.

32:00 minute mark – Michael’s advice on the youth, accept who you are.

32:50 minute mark – Michael’s most hilarious moment on a conference.

34:00 minute mark – Closing part.


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