Have you ever felt like someone or something had it in for you? Well, Margaret would be forgiven for thinking cancer has it in for her. It’s struck her husband, her father and herself twice. Through it all, Margaret has stayed positive and made bold, life-saving decisions. Now, on the other side of two cancer battles, Margaret is dedicated to using her experiences to inspire and encourage others as they face a diagnosis that often shatters dreams. Founder of New Beginnings, Margaret sells products, runs a support group and makes herself available to anyone in need of someone to talk to. Her story is a reminder that cancer doesn’t have to ruin your life, but can, in fact, just be a new beginning.

And, with new beginnings in mind, Luke is releasing the control freak within. He’s realised that he’s a control freak, but maybe not of the most important things. It’s time to take control back and be the master of his own health, finances, home and family.


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