Most people know Tiffiny Hall as the ninja leader of the White Team on The Biggest Loser Australia. But Tiffiny actually got her big break on Gladiators!
Here’s the proof…

She’s a personal trainer, journalist, author and the founder of her own health program TiffXO – and we got to know more about Tiffiny in this interview.

0 – 2:40 minute mark – Luke and Susie introduction and commercial.

2:41 minute mark – The almost regular guest Alex Tsileos from

talks about the best shots at getting a job like interviewers love small talk and exhaust social media like linkedIn for job applications and many more!

8:02 minute mark – commercial.

8:30 minute mark – Guest author, journalist and actress from hit shows such as Gladiators (2008), The Circle (2010), The Biggest Loser Australia: Families (2011) and The Biggest Loser Australia: Singles (2012) – Tiffany Hall.

9:27 minute mark – 32 year old Taekwondo Six Dan Black Belter!

10:50 minute mark – Susie giving it a go on Tiffany’s HIIT training a mix of interval training exercises and simple martial arts.

12:00 minute mark – doing short interval pushes your heart and lungs to its full capacity without straining your muscles that much.

14:00 minute mark – Tiffany’s set of HIIT training videos are also good and fun for kids.

15:00 minute mark – Get recipes and access to different training exercise videos for weight loss or weight maintenance from Tiffany’s website.

17:00 minute mark – Lycra is Tiffany Hall’s new active wear line.

19:41 minute mark – The Angel role in the television show Gladiators.

21:30 minute mark – Tiffany met his comedian husband Ed in a radio interview.

23:00 minute mark – TIFFXO and the very supportive comedian husband.

25:45 minute mark – The Biggest Loser, mental health, emotional and physical fitness. Five of the contestants in The Biggest Loser have become personal trainers and two of them opened their own gym.

27:00 minute mark – Must have lifestyle changes in order to be healthier. – Tiffany

28:10 minute mark – Working out intensely on the weekends can substitute everyday exercise but it has a downside of obtaining injuries so everyday workout of 20 minutes is still recommended.

30:00 minute mark – working out everyday and healthy lifestyle vs the quick fix.

33:24 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Tiffiny Hall’s TiffXO program, click here.

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