Jessica Liebich is a woman who’s husband has gained long-term bragging rights after encouraging her to go on reality TV show, My Kitchen Rules. She promised him a ute and she came through after winning the whole show, along with friend, Bree May. Now, with a new role as Obela’sHome Entertainment Expert, Jessica is living a dream that she probably didn’t think was possible just a few short years ago. Jessica shares about life in the spotlight, her life now and shares about what she learnt from being bullied when she was young. We also get some ideas to be ready for any last minute Easter feasting plans.

Speaking of Easter, Susie decided to get into the Easter craft with the kids. It did not go to plan. She learnt some significant lessons along the way like: don’t do craft because the kids say they need something; don’t use superglue – ever; and don’t be so proud that you don’t share when you’ve made a big boo boo.

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