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Episode 119: Ayden Hogan – The Block, The Red Carpet, and Motor Neuron Disease

Episode 119: Ayden Hogan – The Block, The Red Carpet, and Motor Neuron Disease
Gold Coasters Ayden and Jess opted to temporarily close their successful business to fly to Melbourne and compete on The Block. It paid off – the pair winning the show and doing something truly special with their winnings. Ayden Hogan joins us to explain further.


0-1:50 minute mark – introduction, “The Block” contestant Ayden Hogan, commercial

1:50 minute mark – Susie and Ayden talked about winning a mammoth amount and suddenly becoming a celebrity.

3:10 minute mark – Susie asked Ayden why do the show when he know he’s only going to get $10,000.

3:55 minute mark – Ayden got separated from his kids for a couple of months.

4:00 minute mark – Renovation and Ayden building his own place. Susie asked Asked Ayden if his building his place correctly so he can renovate it.

5 minute mark – Susie asked Ayden about charity works.

6:10 minute mark – Ayden’s red carpet experience and costume.

7 minute mark – Ayden’s friend diagnosed with a fatal disease

7:40 minute mark – Ayden’s prize given to charity, used for a special treatment (water treatment).

9 minute mark – Susie: What’s been the strangest encounter after winning the competition? Ayden: a lot of hugging and kissing from people.

10:30 minute mark – Susie mentioned Ayden’s radio work

10:55 minute mark – Susie asked if Ayden’s going to have a different career after renovating and Ayden answered maybe.

11:00 minute mark – closing part of the episode.


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