CEO of Food Connect, Robert Pekin had a vision to protect local farmers, their produce and our health by democratising the food system. In this podcast, we talk about the issues that the farmers are encountering now, the disconnection between consumers and the food they consume and insufficient knowledge about the farmers who produce healthy food.

et0-2 minute mark – Luke and Susie Introduction (intro about guest Robert Pekin and commercial)

2 minute mark – Susie and Ci-ei-o of Food connect: Robert Pekin. Susie and Robert talked about where and how Robert started.

3 minute mark – Susie and Robert talked about the issue that the farmers are encountering now. Robert mentioned about the disconnection between people consumers and knowing the food they buy and the farmer who produces healthy food. Complete ignorance of people on the impact of their buying decision to farmers and the whole system.

6:10 minute mark – Susie asked Robert if this is economical or cultural on the reason consumers buy water than milk. Robert says it’s both (followed by explanation).

8 minute mark – Susie and Robert talked about Branded products versus non-branded products and its impact on farmer products. The importance of food plays in the whole Australian economic system.

9:40 minute mark – Susie and Robert talked about Farming versus Mining Industry & Technology,  what the future holds on these industries in Australia. Organic versus artificial. Tackled the new economic mode and mentioned the final ripening process.

14 minute mark -. Susie and Robert talked about the great effect of knowing where the food comes from. People get engaged on knowing where their food come from.

17 minute mark – Technology and food farm. Food connect’s role on teaching children and families about the food they eat.

19 minute mark – closing part of the episode.

To find out more about Robert Pekin, go to: Food Connect

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