Gyan shot to stardom in 1986 taking out the grand final of the TV talent quest, Star Search. She released her biggest hit “Wait” a few years later and has continued to write and release music ever since.LAS-Q-Episode-Timeline

0-2 minute mark Introuction – Luke and Susie introduces singer/song-writer Gyan.
2 minute mark – Susie and Gyan talks about Gyan journey from being a local star search singer to famous.
3:50 minute mark – Susie asked Gyan how it felt back then when she started. Gyan reminiscing the past.
5 minute mark – Susie and Gyan talked about Gyan’s first song “wait” and how people connected with it which brought her great fame.
5:50 minute mark – Susie and Gyan talked about the difference of now and before, that Gyan doesn’t get the same exposure anymore, the frustration that comes along with it. Gyan talked about repeating what she did with her last success that she wanted to explore more or try new things, she also then said about losing audience along the way and gain new ones and that through it all she’s always been more independent.
7:38 minute mark – Susie and Gyan talked about Gyan’s creativity and how people were touched by Gyan’s songs and career, talked about her partnership with the cartoonist, Leunig. Gyan travelled to the United States to start work on a third album, tentatively titled Suburban Opera, with producer Desmond Child. The start of Gyan’s tough/difficult journey and healing, her motherhood and did more songs.
12 minute mark – Gyan’s talked about her spiritual journey and career revival.
14:30 minute mark –  Susie talked about how powerful Gyan’s voice is and how it creates a transporting kind of experience.
17:16 minute mark –  Gyan’s new project “This Girl’s In Love”, inspired by Michael Leunig and a friend from warner brothers to work on a new song. Crowd funding campaign to reach people whom she touched lives before.
19 minute mark – Susie and Gyan talked about Gyan getting back on stage and producing songs.
20:30 minute mark – Susie closing the podcast with thank you.