A comedian, motivational speaker, father, husband, author – these are just some of Kenn Kington’s hats. As a comedian, he entertains audiences on the airwaves and in stadiums, with a goal to ensure that every person leaves better than they arrived. As a motivational speaker, he inspires, challenges, encourages and entertains and leaves his audience with more hope, clarity, insight and motivation to experience true success and significance. Luke takes the opportunity to learn more about the professional comedy game, by getting insight into what it takes for Kenn to prepare a gig. Meanwhile, Susie has constant foot-in-mouth, downplaying the life of a comedian. Always engaging and fun, Kenn Kington is a true delight to hear.

Luke is also often described as engaging and fun. That’s mostly from people who haven’t been with him when he watches his team play sport. It’s loud. It’s aggressive. It’s generally just him and a TV screen. After the weekend of sport watching, he has what he is calling a “sports injury”, sustained whilst sitting on the couch watching sport.


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