Sam Webb is best known for his appearance on the 2016 season of Australian Survivor, but he’s also an actor, motivational speaker and co-founder of mental health charity Livin.

We spoke to Sam about his time in the jungle and how it changed his perspective on life.

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0 – 2:29 minute mark – Luke and Susie introduction and commercial.

2:30 minute mark – Guest Cameron Bailey the tech and cameraman, husband of Linda Bailey with his baby announcement after 12 years of battle to infertility.

Cricket stars baby names!

Funny new around the globe: Truck driver accident losing over 5.5 million marbles, and a park employee in Japan didn’t receive admission from foreigners for 2 and a half years amounting to 166,000 ticket admissions because he was once shouted on by a foreigner!

10:07 minute mark – commercial.

10:51 minute mark – Guest 2016 Australia survivor contestant and CEO of the mental health and suicide prevention organization called LIVIN.

11:20 minute mark – Survivor challenges.

12:13 minute mark – closest Survivor contestant and friend Lee Carseldine, turning on him was all part of the game and is the hardest part Sam did in Survivor.

13:29 minute mark – How the experience in Survivor changed Sam’s way of motivational speaking.

14:28 minute mark – Gratitude is a big part of motivational speaking.

15:15 minute mark – Gratitude overpowers the negatives in life. Gratitude is very powerful however it is most often underappreciated.

16:45 minute mark – replicating gratitude. “Saying someone is worse or has less is the worst one can possibly say to someone.” – Sam

18:33 minute mark – THOR/Chris Hemsworth wore the LIVIN shirt got huge publicity and the positive effect it brought to the charity.

19:30 minute mark – the impact of being a celebrity.

20:14 minute mark – which is the most exciting for you? 1. Chris Hemsworth a.k.a THOR got to wore the sweatshirt, 2. Getting so far at Australian Survivor, 3. Media started writing article about your love life or 4. Being on Family Feud?

21:22 minute mark – “LIVIN organization is all about changing the way the society understands, perceives and interprets mental health or mental illness, we’ll be in a much safer place.” – Sam

24:00 minute mark – talk about awareness on mental health/mental illness.

24:46 minute mark – Sam as a co-host to Mental Health News Radio in America and to launch his own podcast show Vulnerable soon!

26:50 minute mark – Australia’s growing number of mental health illness and depression.

30:00 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Sam, click here, or for more on Livin’, click here.

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