Gillian Fish is the founder of The 6AM Agency, a communications agency that focuses on health and wellbeing. Gillian spoke to 25 international experts for the book Good + Well: 24 World Experts Share their Secrets to Wellbeing. She shares some of the best advice she received with us in this episode.

0 – 2:25 minute mark – Luke and Susie introduction and commercial.

2:26 minute mark – Happy Australian Day! Guest blogger Wazza talk about Australia’s finest from the most venomous animals in the world to the taste of crocodile meat!

8:02 minute mark – commercial.

8:43 minute mark – Guest founder and director of Brand New Solutions a well-being and good living communication agency, and the author of Good + Well: 24 World Experts Share Their Secrets to Wellbeing.

Good + Well is a book about the evolution of the healthcare industry.

11:00 minute mark – understanding of how to take control of our health.

11:50 minute mark – after talking to cardiologists, brain surgeons, dentists and many more, Gillian found out that we must understand that if we can focus on the key pillars of optimal health and that is diet, lifestyle (stress, sleep, our relationships, exposure to toxicity, nutritional deficiency, and exercise) then we can actually help maintain optimal health.

Based on Gillian’s Good + Well book things taken on moderation are actually fine.

13:30 minute mark – three (3) main underlying causes to disease: oxidative stress, immune dysfunction and inflammation.

14:00 minute mark – Does what experts usually say “don’t eat rubbish, get moving and sleep” work?

15:00 minute mark – the book helps people understand how the body works and what specifics can be given aside from advices of moderation.

17:00 minute mark – going deeper, a collection of information from world leaders when it comes to healthcare and their insights of prevention of diseases and taking care of our bodies. Dr. Wilson coined the phrase Adrenal Fatigue is being over burnout which people know little about, and how fight and prevent it.

18:30 minute mark – Dr. Sunshine, the vitamin D deficiency, and how to find out about if you possess a certain deficiency.

20:00 minute mark – Good + Well is very comprehensive and does not require people to have medical degree to be able to understand it.

21:18 minute mark – Life longevity is also dependent on relationship (happiness, contentment and healthy lifestyle).

22:10 minute mark – Gillian personally experienced life changing moments when she became a health and wellness expert/enthusiast.

24:30 minute mark – Alzheimer’s disease runs in Gillian’s family. In her book, she mentioned ways to slow down the disease.

26:12 minute mark – Closing Part.

To find out more about Gillian Fish and the Good + Well book, click here.

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