She lost her life to drugs and abuse but she found Jesus who turned her life around, now she’s helping women all over Australia who are fractured and broken. Her real life encounter with God pierced her heart, just as the living God promised, a life of hope, peace, love and freedom. In this podcast Kim Den Hertog says it all.


0 – 2:20 minute mark- Luke and Susie introduction and commercial.

2:21 minute mark – Guest Kim Den Hertog is the founder of the organization “Flawless Women” with the aim to bring hope, love, and value to women who have experienced trauma and abuse in the hands of a stranger or in the hands of their loveones.

3:45 minute mark – Kim’s childhood wasn’t normal, she lived a life surrounded of drug addiction and abuse.

5:30 minute mark – Kim was adopted when she was two weeks old and the nightmare of her life started when she was five years old, his foster father made her a child prostitute and her foster mother treats her like an animal.

9:20 minute mark – She has no knowledge of her the reason why her biological parents, all she know was they were from Holland.

10:39 minute mark – The hope that’s left kept her going.

11:54 minute mark – being thankful to where you are now.

12:20 minute mark – When Kim’s foster father left when she was 8 years old, that was the time her prostitution stopped. Kim loved her foster father and has forgiven him on his death bed.

13:00 minute mark – Kim was a heavy drinker and a heavy user when she was 14-15 year old.

14:00 minute mark – the sexual abuse didn’t stop for Kim was always surrounded by family members and friends of the family who are predators, and as a young girl she didn’t know what situation she’s in, which she always thought was normal.

16:00 minute mark – friends and heroin where emotions and stuff didn’t matter.

18:00 minute mark – Kim’s life was so distorted and so messed up, where running to her mom isn’t a great option.

20:00 minute mark – Kim’s body was her value, drug dealing and sleeping with men who have money but she doesn’t consider herself a prostitute, a denial she was living in at that time.

21:20 minute mark – the time Kim made a choice to make money out her body by working at the brothel. Almost all the money she earned went to drug use.

22:30 minute mark – Making money at the brothel make her felt fully in control and in power, there came a time that she loved what she was doing.

23:50 minute mark – Luke compares Kim’s case with bullies, bullies are those who are found to be broken

24:30 minute mark – years later Kim found herself living and working on the streets of Gold Coast Highway, where stones and names were being thrown at her.

25:50 minute mark – what’s happening to her surrounding didn’t matter anymore. Kim felt hopeless. Heroin withdrawal.

27:30 minute mark – “A woman came up to me and said Jesus loves me. The prostitution didn’t stop but something inside of me changed.” – Kim.

29:00 minute mark – the woman came back to pursue me and come, sit with me on the side of the road and she talked to me and made me feel loved. – Kim

29:47 minute mark – Kim have been with a man who loved her and she found her dead in the toilet.

31:00 minute mark – a friend referred Kim to meet pastor Michael for the transformation program, detoxification.

32:45 minute mark – “If I don’t do this today, if he (pastor) doesn’t take me in today, I’m gonna k*ll myself. Because I started to see glimmer of hope, I’m not doing this anymore. Life or death. Literally” – Kim.

34:00 minute mark – The intense program, learning consequential thinking, abide by rules.

36:00 minute mark – Kim beginning to take responsibility of her life.

37:00 minute mark – 1996 was the year she first went to rehab.

38:00 minute mark – the feeling of being safe, they did things for me that they don’t want anything in return, go to church, something with their music that made me happy, real freedom I felt I wanted. – Kim.

39:00 minute mark – An encounter with God in a vision. That moment it completely changed her life.

41:00 minute mark – becoming a lover of people and horses.

45:00 minute mark – Choosing to forgive, part of stage one.

46:00 minute mark – relating to Christian books “The Shack” and “Redeeming Love”.

47:31 minute mark – Kim’s weird dream showing the deep rage buried inside.

49:00 minute mark – God’s supernatural healing happened, Kim was ready to end the lives of the people she thought who are responsible for her misery, her parents but God rescued her.

51:00 minute mark – Kim decided to share and contribute on healing women who went through abuse and violence.

55:00 minute mark – “No Show High Tea” as long as you promise to not to come, a simple way you can contribute to the lives of women who are fractured.

57:00 minute mark – We all provide a glimpse of good living out of the Living God.

60:00 minute mark – Women who went through abuse and violence are invited to come this event “No Show High tea”. Closing part.


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