Today’s guest is David Gillespie, author of books “Toxic Oil”, “Sweet Poison”, “Eat Real Food” and many more. His simple but healthy and delicious recipes will have blow your mind! This brilliant man has defeated the odds when it comes to healthy eating, listen to this podcast and find out how and why.

et0-4 minute mark – Luke and Sussie Intro for guest David Gillespie author of Toxic Oil and Sweet Poison, Eat Real Food and many more. Commercial.

4:00-8:10 minute mark – Dodgy World of Sports, Luke & Sussie, commercial.

8:10 minute mark – Luke asks David Gillespie’s first book “Sweet poison” and its unexpected success. David said how he applied science in his diet that made him lose a lot kilos, don’t eat sugar and you won’t get fat.

10:45 minute mark – Luke and David talked about checking the sugar content and how manufacturers of processed food don’t like people telling other people that they should eat less of the food products they sell knowing that their products really contain high amount of sugar and calories.

11:16 minute mark – Luke and David talked about the cereal story of Kellogg brothers who introduced the healthy cereals “corn flakes”. The evolution of breakfast cereals from being a healthy plain cereal to a non-healthy snack and breakfast cereal due to added sugar contents because more people buy sweet tasty cereals than the plain cereal.

16:00 minute mark – Sussie and David talked about David Gillespies book Toxic oil and compared oil or sugar. David said the negative effect of oil is far more dangerous than sugar because it’s irreversible unlike taking more sugar. The damage brought by eating oily food is irreversible unlike when you eat sweet food you can just stop eating sweet food and there’s a chance of reversing the bad effects of sugar in your body. Oil brings cancer.

17:22 minute mark – Luke and David talked about the right consumption and the right products. David talked about the process of manufacturing oil, that the source of oil are practically waste products. How companies are dictating people to consume food with oil products and that people cannot avoid these oil.

19:52 minute mark – Sussie and David talked about his book “Eat Real Food”. David said the book is more like a practical guide of what to eat and what not to. David said that the first half of the book is about updating them all about science, science about food that even just inhaling such products is bad enough. The rest of the book is actually a guide of living your life with food that you make yourself, going back to basics of healthy food, a series of recipes with quickest possible and cheapest to make with no added sugar and no added oil.

24:00 minute mark – Sussie talked about David’s recipe that made her lose 20 kilos (easily). David’s pie recipe.

26:00 minute mark – Luke asked David how can an entire health industry seemingly be so wrong while one man David Gillespie is right? David said he looks at the evidence and facts. He doesn’t just believe on what other people say he believes in evidence which boils down to the way health experts/professionals interpret data.

28:16 minute mark – Luke made coke an example of coke as said to be a healthy product. David said there are many reasons why people are made to believe that some food products are healthy or okay to consume but the evidence says otherwise.

29:00 minute mark – Luke and David talked about how experts/professional made people believed if they use a different oil it will make a difference however they weren’t really able to prove it with tests, as the number of cancer cases doubled over the years.

30:30 minute mark – Closing part.

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