Thankyou Water started with a desire to make an impact on the world water crisis. With their bottled water, they started taking shelf space and, before too long, it was time to expand. Not only did they add to their product line with food and body care products, they added to their dream of seeing clean water for all, to eradicating global poverty in our lifetime. Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thankyou Water, now “Thankyou”, is our guest in this episode, as they launch a new chapter again in the social enterprise that is taking everyday products and making them world-changing.

We also catch up again with Chloe Maxwell to unpack the obsession with celebrity. She’s seen both sides of the camera and explores just how newsworthy a celebrity’s haircut really is.


To find out more about Thankyou go to: Thankyou
Or grab a copy of the book at the price you choose at: Thankyou. Chapter One
The story that had Luke wondering if our celebrity obsessions was too much: Celebrity Haircut

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