Mental health issues are often ignored in our society, and people suffering from them may believe that it’s not a big deal, suffering in silence. However, going it alone and not seeking treatment is the worst thing you can do.
In this podcast, our guest Chris Lee from Headspace stresses the importance of treating mental health issue like a disease that needs utmost attention and care. Headspace is an organisation specialising in youth mental health. Learn more about it and our guest here:

et0-2 minute mark – Luke and Susie Introduction (Guest: Chris Slee from Headspace)

2:10 minute mark – Susie’s intro for guest Chris Slee from Headspace. Headspace is an organization for youth mental health.

3 minute mark – Susie asked Chris why take psychology.

4 minute mark – Susie and Chris talked what Headspace is. It’s a dedicated organization for youth mental health for people ranging from 12-25 years of age.

4:50 minute mark – Chris role as an Ambassador of Headspace.

5:45 minute mark – Is stress a symptom of mental health issue or is it a mental health issue itself?

6:30 minute mark – What is the most common mental health issue.  Chris said that there is none and mentioned an example which is not feeling oneself/yourself, its developing into a mental illness. Headspace helps young people avoid this.

7:40 minute mark – How preventable are mental health issues? Mental health issue is the same as physical health issue that everyone needs to learn about and be address by going to a specialist for a cure or for preventive measures.

8:20 minutes mark – Why focus on men’s mental health? Large population in Australia experiencing mental health issues are male.

10 minute mark – People battling shame and guilt and not feeling yourself issue.

11 minute mark –  How serious is Headspace in targeting mental health issues and helping the youth.

12 minute mark – Mental health issue, a non-issue before, but is now a bigger problem. Role of friendship in solving mental health issues.

13 minute mark – Talks about literacy. Understanding mental health, having awareness about mental health.

14 minute mark – “Big Stigma” is the new national campaign that Headspace is pushing forward. Stigma is big issue on young Australians when it comes to mental health. Reducing/taking down the stigma of mental health issues.

16 minute mark – As a psychologist and a youth Ambassador, If you could achieve one thing in mental health in your career what would you want to achieve? Stigma reduced and mental health as viewed and seen as physical health. Taking a break from not feeling yourself.

17:13 minute mark – What’s your experience on mental health issues/illnesses? And with the people you know? Chris have friends and family that have mental health issues.

18 minute mark – closing part.

To find out more about Chris Slee, go to: Chris Slee

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