Tina Cousins made her start as a model but it wasn’t long before she was recruited as a guest vocalist for producer Sash! From there, she launched a solo career that includes worldwide hits like “Pray”, “Forever” and “Wonderful Life”.
She’s spent a little time away from the spotlight, but as she prepares to return to Australia alongside the Vengaboys, we catch up with Tina to find out more about performing, keeping in shape, and singing opera.

et0-2:57 minute mark – Luke and Susie Intro and commercials

2:58 minute mark – Susie and Tina Cousins (intro)

4:25 minute mark – Susie and Tina talked about keeping in shape

5:03 minute mark – Tina keeping her body in shape and talked her live performances experiences.

7:00 minute mark – Susie asked Tina for a performance that went wrong, most embarrassing moment.

8:40 minute mark – Susie talked about Tina’s hit songs and asked which is Tina’s favourite song to sing. Tina answered: “Pray”.

9:45 minute mark – Susie asked if the operatic beat is done by Tina Cousins during live performances. Tina: “Yes”.

10:11 minute mark – Susie asked Tina if she ever thought of doing Theatre. Tina tried doing some theatre before. Tina’s doing an album called “MySpace”.

11:05 minute mark – Susie asked what kind of songs Tina is writing now. Tina: “Rocky, dancy and melodic”

11:55 minute mark – Susie asked Tina about her music, her style.

13:00 minute mark – Tina hitting Australian shores on summer to perform.

14:00 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Tina Cousins, go to: Tina Cousins

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