Casey Lyons is the co-founder of the organisation “LIVIN”, a group dedicated to helping youth suffering from mental illness. In this episode, Casey takes us through the life changing moments that lead him and his friends to form this organisation, challenging the stigma that haunts thousands of youth.
BONUS: Listen to our interview with Livin’s other founder Sam Webb here.

0-2:40 minute mark – Luke and Sussie intro and commercial

2:45 minute mark – Intro of Luke and Sussie on today’s guest Casey Lyons and their website . Casey talked about the history of their organisation, that it started with him and his bestfriend. LIVIN was Co-founded by Casey Lyons and Sam Webb in September 2013, in honour of Casey’s best friend and Sam’s good friend Dwayne Lally and other close friends and family of the co-founders who took their own lives after suffering from a mental illness. The organisation’s goal is to encourage and inspire people to feel comfortable to speak up and seek help about their mental health and for suicide prevention.

4:48 minute mark – Luke asked Casey about Casey’s personal experience on losing Dwayne to mental health illness.

5:31 minute mark – Sussie and Casey talked about the shock Casey went through losing Dwayne to mental health illness and suicide. Casey said suicide is one of the leading cause of death in the country and people are never made aware of this rising problem and that there are many people suffering from mental health illness that don’t get the chance to talk it out.

6:22 minute mark – Susie asked Casey about how Livin organisation’s “It Ain’t Weak to Speak” bring change. Casey said the support they get from this event is really overwhelming and this event could be an annual thing.

8:34 minute mark – Sussie talked Casey about the kind of testimonies that they ‘ve been getting from for the difference that they’ve made for people.

9:15 minute mark – Luke asked Casey what he had given up (career/job) to help other people. He gave up his sport.

10:20 minute mark – Luke and Casey talked about golf, Casey’s sport.

11:20 minute mark – Sussie asked Casey about their school program “Livin Well”.

12:00 minute mark – Luke and Casey talked about the past, his friend Dwayne’s struggle, Luke asked Casey if he had any regrets, if he thinks he must have done more to help Dwayne and Casey said he didn’t have any regrets.

13:00 minute mark – Sussie and Casey talked about mental health illness as an invisible illness and the importance of going to a specialist or having help. Sussie asked Casey if he applies his work on his everyday living, reaching and taking to people and Casey answered yes.

14:38 minute mark – Luke praises Casey and Livin organisation for the things they do for people who suffer from mental health illness and the big difference Livin organisation make on the lives of people.

16:00 minute mark –  Luke, Sussie and Casey talked and compared the current state of people suffering from mental health illness and their way of addressing this issue, to a movie.

17:10 minute mark – Closing part (Luke and Sussie)

19:00 minute mark – Luke and Sussie Intro for another guest Jenny Brockis.

19:58 minute mark –  Luke, Sussie and Dr. Jenny talk about stress and it’s connection to mental health illness. Dr. Jenny suggest a 10-minute stepping out practice like meditation to counter stress. Mindfulness space, meditation space and quiet everything down. Just to be still for a little moment can help.

24:53 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Livin’, go to: Livin

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