We had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Foreman from the band, Switchfoot on the podcast today.

We’ll find out what it was like growing up for the Foreman brothers, how covid 19 and isolation has effected him and the rest of the band, what their new single “Joy Invincible” is all about. We’ll also find out how  he accidentally bought 3 trampolines instead of one!

Their new single, ‘JOY INVINCIBLE’ is super close to their heart. Message from the band; “Joy Invincible” is a song about a joy that transcends pain. It was written as a response to one of the most difficult seasons of my life -praying for a family member from a hospital waiting room. Sometimes a song gains meaning as time progresses. This song means even more to me now, in this season of emergency. Having Jenn join us to sing this song feels appropriate: two very different voices from two very different backgrounds singing one song in harmony. I hope that this song can bring peace, hope, and even joy in this season of pain.”

You can listen to the new single here: