Our guest today was the golden girl of the pool at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, having already dominated in the pool at the previous Commonwealth Games. With an early memory of nearly drowning, her life circumstances in early life made her an unlikely candidate for swimming success. She fought the odds and rose to the top in her sport in an era where she was not allowed to financially benefit from her sport whilst competing.

Life after the pool has been a tumultuous journey and now, over 30 years later, a simple incident in a restaurant prevents her from swimming at all. Hear Tracey’s incredible vulnerability as she shares the highs of her career and the lows of her personal life in this episode.

Also, it’s now the new year. Happy 2016! Are you pro or anti New Year’s Resolutions?


Treading Water: My Life In And Out Of The Pool
By Peter Meares, Tracey Wickham

Tracey Wickham 1978
Lifestyle Music Group


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