Our guest in this episode was an unexpected surprise. We called him to answer a simple maths question, but were so taken with his passion, we couldn’t help but take the chat further. Simon Pampena is a performer and passionate mathematician. And we mean Passionate! We get the story behind why he is so excited by numbers, their power, their intrigue and their usefulness and sometimes uselessness (as we see in the case of the maths equation that Luke just won’t let go!). Who knew maths could be so inspiring?!

We also catch up again with Dr Cris, author of “52 Healthy Habits” to find out about a common condition with symptoms that you may just overlook as being normal. Hear about adrenal fatigue, the three stages and how to start fixing it.


To see Simon Pampena at work, go to: Numberphile and search for Simon’s videos
To find out more about Simon and his work with schools: NumberCrunch
To find out more about Dr Cris, go to: Dr Cris

Healthy Habits: 52 Ways to Better Health
By Cris Beer


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