In this episode, it’s all about men facing significant birthdays.

We first catch up with Ric Todhunter. He was staring down his 50th birthday and one, sleepless night dared to dream about using this experience to impact the world. 50 four 50 was born, a project inviting 50 people in his world to work together over 50 months to learn about and financially support global, social justice projects.

We then meet James Woosley, author of “Challenge Accepted! A Simple Strategy for Living Life on Purpose”. James decided to make his 40th year his most fulfilling, challenging, adventurous and purposeful by setting 40 goals to achieve by 40. This year and the year that followed resulted in significant life lessons and the book being written. He’s now a podcaster with the “Conquer your Kryptonite” podcast, assisting in strategic planning both in business and in life.


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