Leverage – Is an interesting book about how you can change the behaviour of those around you, based on extensive research and Jaemin’s own marriage. 

In his controversial new book, Leverage, Jaemin Frazer argues that to prevent our relationships descending into maximum-level annoyance, not only is adjusting and improving the behaviour of those you love appropriate, it’s essential in any meaningful and long-term relationship. But you must proceed for the right reasons, and you will need leverage. Rather than hoping, wishing or praying for improvement in your relationships, the leverage process facilitates inevitable improvement.

Developed through Jaemin’s personal experience of using leverage to improve the quality of his own marriage, and examples from a lifetime of working with others to do the same, this is a ground-breaking guide for anyone who wants to genuinely grow their relationships.

Outlining a practical framework to equip you with the tools, skills and confidence to build closer, stronger and happier relationships, Jaemin says these concepts can be applied to all relationships – personal and professional – but it all starts with you. The first and most important focus is to use leverage to improve the quality of your relationship with yourself, then you can explore how to build stronger, healthier connections with others.