In this episode, we catch up with a trainer from The Biggest Loser Australia, Steve “Commando” Willis. Throughout his life from childhood, through the military and into his personal training career, he’s always known good fitness and solid nutrition. The unexpected twist in the tale was becoming a media personality, starting with The Biggest Loser Australia. Now, continuing to train, compete and doing it all in front of the camera with a new baby and high profile relationship, Steve shares a powerful story on how his body though as strong as ever, is still susceptible to challenges.

It spurs a discussion on empathy between Luke and Susie whose experience of empathy is completely different. Susie has natural empathy, Luke is more analytical and has to surmise his way to understanding people’s emotions.


“Resilience” by Eric Greitens

“There are no excuses”
“Over time, through the process of daily choices, we find that we build courage, strength and wisdom. We changed who we are and how we can be of service to the people around us.”

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In the radio show, Luke and Susie looked at a special treasure hunt that was 6 years in the making – a gift from father to daughter: 6 Year Old Finds Treasure in Secret Room

Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life
By Eric Greitens Navy SEAL