It’s back on our tv screens on Channel 9 – The Famer Wants a Wife. Farmer Lance, a long-horn farmer from Queensland, is not your average farmer. Running his farm as an event venue and having other work outside the farm to sustain him financially, Lance is looking for love after being nominated for the show by an ex-girlfriend. He’s been married before, but now in his 50’s, it’s time for cupid to shoot his arrow in this farmer’s direction again. Hear how he prepared for the show, about life on the farm, and how for this farmer, opposite don’t attract.

Also, Luke and Susie battle stereotypes. Normally, it’s the man waiting for the woman to get ready or to finish talking, but that ain’t the case in this home. They bring Kerry from This Is It Style into the debate on “How Long is Too Long To Get Ready?”.


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