Why do we fight most with those we love best?

Australian relationship therapist Lissy Abrahams has spent years exploring this question, both in her treatment room helping clients and through extensive research.

She knows that long-term conflict leaves us drained, anxious and worried for the emotional wellbeing of our families, but says it is neither intractable nor inevitable. Conflict is caused by unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour – unresolved feelings of fear, instability or pain – which can be consciously rewired for a healthier, happier relationship.

In Relationship Reset, Lissy provides practical, evidence-based tools to help you:
– understand how childhood experiences affect adult relationships
– identify your blind spots, defence mechanisms and triggers – and recognise them in others
– become aware of patterns in conflict, and learn new ways to respond to distress
– communicate clearly and openly with your partner, without judgment
– develop a more trusting, intimate and stable relationship.

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