Kav Temperley from Eskimo Joe - Machines of Love and Grace

In the storied career of beloved Fremantle rockers Eskimo Joe, front man, bassist and award-winning songwriter, Kav Temperley has played a lead role. He’s also been integral in creating the soulful collective Basement Birds, starting the small indie record label Dirt Diamond Productions, and as a role model and champion for Oxfam’s “Close The Gap” campaign.

This new single is a lush, sonic exploration that takes Temperley’s evocative voice from simple acoustic backing through a crunch of guitars and atmospheric keyboards.

“Machines Of Love And Grace” is accompanied with a music video shot and directed by Cooper Gordon of GordonCo Visuals, who has collaborated frequently with Eskimo Joe in recent years and produced by the Temperley Collective under the careful consideration of Beth Temperley.

You can watch the music video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_x-5aFQlX4