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There is little doubt that the world is in desperate need of care; however, despite the overwhelming global problems that face us, we can find ourselves caring too much, while at the same time caring too little. By spending so much time and energy caring about the big problems of the world, we’ve lost sight of what smaller, personal acts of care can look like and just how powerful these small acts can be.

Australian slow living advocate Brooke McAlary hosts a charming, informative podcast about how to slow down, live more fully and figure out what you really want from life.

McAlary began her blog four years ago when she was diagnosed with post-natal depression. She realised she needed to get to grips with what she wanted from life, so began a process of living with less.

Care: The radical art of taking time explores what it means to care in smaller ways – for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities – and discovers that caring doesn’t need to cost us our wellbeing, happiness or relationships.

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