The retirement of this international rugby legend broke the hearts of millions of fans, but as they say – all good things must come to an end. He’s spending his retirement well and still sharing experiences and knowledge about rugby through his book “Kicking It Around The Globe”, he’s none other than Matt Burke himself! Listen to this podcast and know more!

et0-4:27 minute mark – Luke and Sussie intro and commercial

4:28 minute mark – Luke and Sussie guest retired international rugby player (Wallabies) Matt Burke and author of “Kicking it Around The Globe”. Luke asked Matt if he has plans on coming back after retirement.

5:49 minute mark – Luke and Matt talked about the past losing to All Blacks and to England.

7:25 minute mark – Luke asked Matt what is it that holding the Australian team to being on top. Matt says team needs to be more physically stronger and needs more discipline.

9:40 minute mark – Sussie asked Matt about his book “Kicking it Around the Globe”, what made him from being a rugby player to a writer. Matt talked about his experience interviewing Prince William and other personalities and his experience around the globe because of sports.

13:58 minute mark – Luke asked Matt if he looked on that moment ago (in that one game) where he would have made a different move.

14:15 minute mark – Luke asked Matt what goes in his mind on a certain situation in a game, bigger opponent on his way. Matt told the story behind that game.

18:07 minute mark – Sussie and Matt talked about having each other’s back, supporting each other and working as a team and forging solid friendships. Matt agreed and said that’s the great thing about being in sports.

20:06 minute mark – Matt mentioned a player and his experience with player with great personalities.

20:55 minute mark – Sussie asked Matt how does it feel to be a published author. Matt said it feels great and he feels thrilled and hope everyone enjoys the stories he shared in his book.

21:40 minute mark – Luke asked Matt about what will happen now with the Wallabies now that his retired and asked him of any advice that would help Wallabies get back on track after losing a great Wallaby player. Closing part

24:00 minute mark – Luke and Sussie 2nd guest Dr. Justin Coulson, talked about kids today losing respect. Dr. Justin Coulson pointed out that parents tend to judge their children based on their level of maturity which is not fair.

25:29 minute mark – Sussie stresses out that as parents we often be short-tempered and the kids see it. Dr. Justin Coulson told his personal story with his dad when he was only 6 years old.

27:00 minute mark – Luke asked Dr. Justin Coulson the difference between respect years ago to now. Dr. Justin Coulson also stresses how respect has been mistaken with obedience which is not good.

28:00 minute mark – Sussie and Dr. Justin Coulson talked about dealing with the kids social anxiety and respect. Dr. Justin Coulson if we show patience and respect to the kids it will help them develop that respect towards their parents and to other people.

31:50 minute mark – Closing part.

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