The digital age has taken over and a lot of opportunists have scattered to take advantage of it. Scammers are going high-tech nowadays, filling everyone’s inbox with non-sense and scheming to trap poor innocent folks – but not to worry because even scammers can be scammed!
Writer and comedian James Veitch decided to give scammers a dose of their own medicine. One day he opened his inbox, tried responding to one scam email then he suddenly realised how fun it is to respond to scammers. He’s even made a living out of it!  As his name continues to be known worldwide, he is now a part of the scammers’ blacklist! Come hear what he has to say!

et0-4:30 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercial.

4:31 minute mark – Basketball Coaching with Holistic Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Meg Campbell.

6:08 minute mark – Ana’s thoughts on parent and son basketball coaching.

7:20 minute mark – Janine’s thoughts on parent and son basketball coaching.

10:00 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro on guest British writer and comedian James Veitch.

11:00 minute mark – James Veitch first time to respond to a scammer.

12:30 minute mark – making a living out of the strangest things like replying to scam emails.

13:30 minute mark – has Winnie Mandela come after you after responding to the scam emails?

14:15 minute mark – have you ever met the Prince of Nigeria? The love for wasting scammers’ time.

16:00 minute mark – James Veitch video on a scam involving diamonds, bank and microwave joke.

17:00 minute mark – most impressive dialogue with a scammer.

18:50 minute mark – adding extra characters in the conversation.

20:29 minute mark – have you ever replied to anyone as a scammer only to realize they were legitimate?

21:28 minute mark – people pretending to be scammers just to have a conversation with James Veitch.

22:20 minute mark – how does it feel to be a total disgrace to manhood? (humorously)

22:47 minute mark – making the mess around the internet is fun.

23:24 minute mark – have you thought about your headstone in life?

24:00 minute mark – do you get follow up emails from scammers when they realize you are playing them too?

26:00 minute mark – scammers ever been caught because of James Veitch?

27:00 minute mark – James Veitch is the scammers’ blacklist.

27:55 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about James Veitch, go to: James Veitch

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