Football is a very physical game and often times what we normally notice are the heart-pounding games, team players, tactics and sports winning strategies. But what about the things in which this wonderful game was founded? In this podcast, we had the privilege to talk to the man directly connected to the original and very first maker of Australian Rules football Tom Sherrin, he is none other than the fourth generation maker of footballs, Syd Sherrin.
Syd shares his decades of hard work, his passion, that up to retirement he can’t get himself to stop making these amazing hand crafted footballs!

et0-6:57 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro, commercial, listeners’ commentaries, opinions and suggestions.

6:58 minute mark – Guest: football maker Syd Sherrin, family history, American company Spalding.

9:00 minute mark – Sherrin’s footballs as the official brand and football supplier of the AFL.

9:58 minute mark – Syd’s special handmade footballs.

11:00 minute mark – Syd loves to continue T.W. Sherrin’s legacy on making handmade ball even if his retired.

12:15 minute mark – takes Syd Sherrin a month to make a handmade ball, including doing other stuff.

14:00 minute mark – wager, black and white, the old football games traditions, games and grand finals.

15:34 minute mark – The Reach foundation.

17:00 minute mark –The Irish heritage, The reach Foundation was established in 1994 by Jim Stynes to encourage self-belief and confidence in teenagers throughout Australia.

18:00 minute mark – Syd was inspired by Stynes wonderful cause.

18:20 minute mark – Styne as the player who gives most to the community, Stynes being taken away by cancer.

19:00 minute mark – Handmade with Love – Syd Sherrin.

19:30 minute mark – The leather used in making a football, when cured can last forever.

20:00 minute mark – Syd engagement present to her wife was handmade football.

21:00 minute mark – Syd’s romance story, one day Syd looked for the football he gave her wife and found it on their bed, her wife replied “The ball smells like you dear”.

22:00 minute mark – Syd’s married now for 35 years.

22:20 minute mark – Syd’s social media info and closing part.

To find out more about Syd Sherrin, go to: Syd Sherrin

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