Losing a loved one is really really painful and having someone to comfort you at times like this is really helpful.
In this podcast, our guest has created a new way of comforting family members, especially children, in times of grief through bears and urns. After suffering the loss of her mum to cancer, she believes that through these things people may somehow find comfort and ease knowing that they have something left of their love ones to hold on to, she is Camille Borgas the founder of Cami Bear – Bereavement Bears & Urns.

et0-3:59 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercial. Intro on Guest Camille Borgas Owner of Cami Bear, Bereavement Bears & Urns.

4:00 minute mark – Cami’s family experience on losing a dear love one to cancer.

5:25 minute mark – Emotions compared to the movie “Inside Out”.

6:00 minute mark – What was in your mind when you created Cami Bear – Bereavement bears & urns and what’s in it for people? Embroided bears to comfort children when going through tough times like losing a love ones.

7:17-10:10 minute mark – Small things to hold on to. Cami’s idea of trinket and embroided bears to help comfort families through grief.

10:11 minute mark – Next guest Dr. Justin Coulson and commercial.

11:00 minute mark – Sharing stories of guests Andrew and Suzy about their missed family members and great memories.

15:00 minute mark – Short talk with Dr. Justin Coulson about the struggle of working at home and taking care of your children at the same time. At times, that feeling that you want to always be there for your children but you can’t.

18:20 minute mark – make sure that your children know and feel that you’re sorry and that you really want to be there for them and that you will make it up to them next time.

18:40 minute mark – practice “Nap Time Nurture”. Listen to your kids for 10-15 minutes before going to sleep, learn what you’ve missed and make your children feel you want to keep up on what’s happening with them daily.

20:00 minute mark – Communication is important. Make use of technology skype or facetime. Take time to nurture your kids.

21:40 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Camille Borgas, go to: Camille Borgas

SMS us on 0417 4555 37 (within Australia) or at +61 417 4555 37 (Outside Australia)

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