Jaemin Frazer is the voice behind “The One Minute Coach” radio segment, the author of “Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems” and the founder of
From Australia to Germany, nothing stopped this man from doing and enjoying what he loves, and that is coaching and helping people out.

et0-3:00 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercial.

3:01 minute mark – talk about weird jobs with the founder of Alexandra Tselios.

8:00 minute mark – commercial

8:30 minute mark – the voice behind “The One-minute Coach” radio segment, author of “Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems” and the founder of, Jaemin Frazer.

8:55 minute mark – live in Germany for months for a family social experiment.

9:19 minute mark – 4-hour a week work from the other side of the world.

10:40 minute mark – The story behind Jaemin’s coaching career from being a pastor to a coach.

11:58 minute mark – inspire to do things differently.

13:45 minute mark – coaching is more on stirring up motivations not just responsibility for people and making them change.

14:24 minute mark – communication keeps the legacy.

14:40 minute mark – the joy of working with people.

15:09 minute mark – apply coaching to your own family.

16:20 minute mark – working while living your dreams and still be with family.

17:07 minute mark – almost everything that Jaemin learns is from people that he coaches and it’s a continuous learning process.

18:50 minute mark – being impulsive and being a risk taker on making decisions.

21:20 minute mark – moving to Germany was a big risk.

22:18 minute mark – location independent and family support

23:50 minute mark – the difference between coaching and mentoring.

25:19 minute mark– we are all individuals and we have own ways of doing things.

25:40 minute mark – Closing part.

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