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Episode 172: Tom Docking – Dad’s Group because even Dad’s need to know they’re not alone

Episode 172: Tom Docking – Dad’s Group because even Dad’s need to know they’re not alone


Family is the smallest unit of a society but even the smallest unit needs attention. In a stereotypical family, a mother’s connection with her children is greater than a fathers. But our guest in today’s podcast views it slight differently. He founded a parenting group for fathers called the Dad’s Group with the aim of encouraging fathers to step up their relationship with their children, to bond more and to take fulfilment on being a dad, he is none other than Tom Docking. Come learn more about Tom and his group:

et0-2:04 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

2:05-10:10 minute mark – Guest motivational speaker Rowdy Mclean, why people feel silly when asking for support or help from other people, allowing other people to help you, being the go-to-guy.

10:11 minute mark – Intro on next guest and commercial.

11:10 minute mark – Guest Tom Docking, founder of Dad’s Group, a parenting group that gives support to Australian dads who want to step up on their roles.

13:00 minute mark – dad’s comfort zones, barbeques, programs, struggle and new life challenges as a dad.

14:00 minute mark – dad conversation between fathers.

15:00 minute mark – catching up with mates, dad conversations about parenting, humors.

15:30 minute mark – moms get to take breaks from their children when dads take the kids to a parenting group like Dad’s Group.

16:50 minute mark – neglected, undervalued, bonding with the kids, skin-and-skin time with children, Dad’s group aims to develop the communication of fathers with theirs kids.

19:20 minute mark – Tom’s biggest struggle when he became a dad.

20:00 minute mark – Dad’s group has a random organic content of discussion from struggles, communicating with children up to politics.

22:40 minute mark – Dad’s group reaching National.

23:30 minute mark – The How To’s on creating a group in your local area through Dad’s group website.

24:34 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Tom Docking, go to: Tom Docking

SMS us on 0417 4555 37 (within Australia) or at +61 417 4555 37 (Outside Australia)

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