Alexa Curtis was just ten years old when she saw the casting call for The Voice Kids. With the support of her parents, her willingness to learn and her undeniable talent, Alexa went on to win the show that she initially entered for the experience. Now 12, Alexa is mature beyond her years, yet enjoying her childhood, while still exploring the opportunities that her talent afford her.

What were you like when you were twelve? Alexa’s won a national singing competition, which took her to Los Angeles and won her $50,000. Luke was on the brink of becoming a punk kid and Susie was learning the ropes of how hormones change girls’ relationships.


Beyonce’s Autobiography

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”, Marilyn Monroe

Playing cards

Low: Not getting to go on the “Leap of Faith” at school camp
High: Going on the 12m Giant Swing at school camp

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