It looked like life was heading off the rails for Chern’ee, when at 13 years old she won an art competition. There began a journey that has led her to opportunities like youth parliament, meeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and being NAIDOC’s Youth of the Year. Now 19, Chern’ee represents the traditions of the Kalkadoon people as well as championing reconciliation. In this interview, we hear how Chern’ee came to become an artist, how her proposal for reconciliation had the opposition cross the floor in youth parliament and her position as a woman living in both Indigenous and European traditions.


“Shunned”, Steven Strong, Evan Strong

“Just imagine our world if everyone gave a little something”.
“I believe we are all created equal and should all be treated with the same respect that we wish for ourselves and families.”

Playing sport with younger brother and sister, going to the beach, playing with animals

Low: Fire near house, which stirred up snakes, which have taken a couple of chickens
High: Meeting Jessica Mauboy and working with Juiced TV with Lady Cilento Hospital doing a painting workshop with the kids

To find out more about Chern’ee Sutton, go to: Chern’ee Sutton
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