This is a podcast about passion. Knowing your passion, living with passion and, if you haven’t found it yet, discovering your passion. Keith Abraham was living a good life, but wasn’t especially excited about it, until he was sent to a conference that literally changed everything for him. There was a spark that became a raging fire and now, he uses what he’s learnt about goals and passion to light a spark in others. Hear Keith’s story of how he discovered a new direction for his life and the power of asking just a few questions of ourselves.

We also take a look at a song that came form Ryan Tedder being inspired by U2. The story behind One Republic’s “I Lived” is inspiring and the video, even moreso.


To find out more about Keith Abraham: Keith Abraham
See the One Republic “I Lived” video here: I Lived

It Starts With Passion: Do What You Love and Love What You Do
By Keith Abraham


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