Today on the podcast we are joined by a very talented creator and executive producer, Adam Mellema. Adam is a professional storyteller who has found his niche in creating kid’s content.
He is the head of content at the new platform, Yippee and creator of the new kids car show, Backseat Drivers!

After season 1 of Backseat Drivers was made, Adam actually began working for Yippee to help change the narrative about what is appropriate in kid’s programming. He believes in the power of storytelling to change a child’s life – and what better way then through values-based entertainment!

“Backseat Drivers” is the only car show for kids!. The three car-crazy kid hosts compete in fun challenges and learn about some of the more interesting cars (and tanks) on the road. With the help of a mechanic mom, Stuntdriver Sarah, and a cast of characters, the show creators hope to create a clubhouse of sorts for kids who already like cars, and build an interest with those who may have felt like they were too young.

If you aren’t familiar with Yippee, the network boasts a “No Ads. No Algorithms. No Attitudes.” guarantee. All of the content is approved by a task-force of parents who were frustrated with still finding questionable content on so-called kid-friendly platforms. Yippee wants parents to know that there is a safe place where their kids can find quality entertainment – without fear of accidentally clicking on something questionable. The network has over 1000 hours of programming including original shows, curated and approved YouTube influencers, and the largest catalog of Veggie Tales content available. Details at: