We have the pleasure of speaking with one of Australia’s most celebrated artists with a unique blend of indie-pop, folk and opera, Kate Miller-Heidke. You would have seen her in late 2019 at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘Zero Gravity’ and she was also the first Australian artist to win the Marcel Bezençon Artistic Award (an award presented to the best artist as voted by the Eurovision commentators). She has now written a brand new single dealing with these unsettling times and a close friend who was falling into depression, we’ll chat to her more about it!

“I could see someone very close to me was falling into a depression. I’d seen it before and I wanted to let them know I was there for them in a very serious way. The song was written about six months ago, before all this happened,” she explains, referring to the global shutdown amidst the spread of Covid-19.

She has also brought out a music video seeing dancers trade the stage for their living rooms and backyards, shot in isolation by each dancer on their phone and pieced together, you can watch the video here: