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Episode 197: Jessica Mauboy – From Australian Idol, the Sapphires, Eurovision, and now a lead in a TV drama The Secret Daughter

Episode 197: Jessica Mauboy – From Australian Idol, the Sapphires, Eurovision, and now a lead in a TV drama The Secret Daughter

Born and raised in Darwin, it was a humble Jessica Mauboy who auditioned among the flies for the fourth season of Australian Idol. Coming runner-up to Damien Leith, she went on to release platinum hits such as “Inescapable”, “Because” and “Burn”. After a number of film roles, Jess became the first Australian Indigenous actress to take on a lead role for a television show with The Secret Daughter . In this podcast, discover the funny side of Jessica and know more about her inspiring journey to success:


0-4:02 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

4:03 minute mark – Guest Dr. Justin Coulson, old-school parenting, punishment and discipline.

11:19 minute mark – commercial.

11:50 minute mark – Guest Australian Idol runner-up, singer, songwriter, movie and television actress Jessica Mauboy, trip back memory lane, parents decision to join the Australian Idol.

14:00 minute mark – Jessica’s talent in acting discovered later on.

16:28 minute mark – “The Secret Daughter” television series.

17:05 minute mark – Netflix age, “The Secret Daughter” teaser aired on TV is showing promise.

18:43 minute mark – Jessica gets to sing a lot in the television series.

19:34 minute mark – The story of the show can be compared to as a cross between “Nashville”, “Dynasty” and “Offspring”.

20:00 minute mark – Jessica’s television show teaser got great mixed reviews, Jessica currently pursuing more on her acting career.

21:01 minute mark – Jessica Mauboy to be the first Australian indigenous be given a lead role.

22:50 minute mark – Jessica’s excitement on airing “The Secret Daughter” as her first major role in a television series.

23:23 minute mark – Luke, Susie and Jessica fun moments, just all laughs!

24:15 minute mark – Closing part.


To find out more about Jessica Mauboy, go to: Jessica Mauboy

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