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Episode 196: Anthea Hodgson – The Drifter and casting Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth?

Episode 196: Anthea Hodgson – The Drifter and casting Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth?



Our guest today is really an amazing woman. She proved that for women in media, it’s not all about career (just take a good look at Luke’s & Susie!). She showed the world that any woman can have a career, be an incredible mum and a loving wife at the same time. She’s the author of the hit novel “The Drifter” and radio producer, Anthea Hodgson! Listen to her inspiring story:

et0-2:45 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercial.

2:46 minute mark – Guest Australian Television Presenter, White Balloon Day ambassador for Bravehearts, Natalie Gruzlewski , Farmer Wants A Wife, drug and alcohol abuse, Ocsober 2016, give up alcohol for 28 days.

9:35 minute mark – commercial.

10:05 minute mark – Guest Radio producer and Author of “The Drifter” Anthea Hodgson.

11:00 minute mark – writing the book in just five weeks.

12:05 minute mark – Rural Romance, thirty (30) rocks, and rural writing.

13:10 minute mark – Why most Australians love the idea of rural romance and rural living even if they don’t live in rural areas.

14:11 minute mark – just an insert – the movie “Australia” with Hugh Jackman. “Would love Chris Hemsworth cast in the movie if “The Drifter” goes to screen.” – Anthea Hodgson

15:40 minute mark – the big changes on being a mom, a wife at the same time a writer and a producer compared to her life before when she was still single.

17:30 minute mark – Being a radio producer and writer is what you really wanted in life?

18:42 minute mark – why stereotype women with media career are not family persons.

10:17 minute mark – Anthea’s experiences on living in both rural community and city.

22:40 minute mark – Anthea tried to mimic the rural experience in her book “The Drifter” and feels nostalgic about it.

24:15 minute mark – Luke sharing an overwhelming experience when she found Susie crying because of a story in a book.

25:00 minute mark – Anthea said that its all about the great connection between the reader and story and with the past real-life experiences.

26:12 minute mark – what part of your book story is made up and which ones are real?

28:00 minute mark – Susie’s shares her great connection on the stories she read.

28:25 minute mark – The Baxters, the phenomenal radio series in the 80’s got people really emotionally connected and involved.

29:29 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Anthea Hodgson, go to: Anthea Hodgson

SMS us on 0417 4555 37 (within Australia) or at +61 417 4555 37 (Outside Australia)

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