Our guest today is really an amazing woman. She proved that for women in media, it’s not all about career (just take a good look at Luke’s & Susie!). She showed the world that any woman can have a career, be an incredible mum and a loving wife at the same time. She’s the author of the hit novel “The Drifter” and radio producer, Anthea Hodgson! Listen to her inspiring story:

et0-2:45 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercial.

2:46 minute mark – Guest Australian Television Presenter, White Balloon Day ambassador for Bravehearts, Natalie Gruzlewski , Farmer Wants A Wife, drug and alcohol abuse, Ocsober 2016, give up alcohol for 28 days.

9:35 minute mark – commercial.

10:05 minute mark – Guest Radio producer and Author of “The Drifter” Anthea Hodgson.

11:00 minute mark – writing the book in just five weeks.

12:05 minute mark – Rural Romance, thirty (30) rocks, and rural writing.

13:10 minute mark – Why most Australians love the idea of rural romance and rural living even if they don’t live in rural areas.

14:11 minute mark – just an insert – the movie “Australia” with Hugh Jackman. “Would love Chris Hemsworth cast in the movie if “The Drifter” goes to screen.” – Anthea Hodgson

15:40 minute mark – the big changes on being a mom, a wife at the same time a writer and a producer compared to her life before when she was still single.

17:30 minute mark – Being a radio producer and writer is what you really wanted in life?

18:42 minute mark – why stereotype women with media career are not family persons.

10:17 minute mark – Anthea’s experiences on living in both rural community and city.

22:40 minute mark – Anthea tried to mimic the rural experience in her book “The Drifter” and feels nostalgic about it.

24:15 minute mark – Luke sharing an overwhelming experience when she found Susie crying because of a story in a book.

25:00 minute mark – Anthea said that its all about the great connection between the reader and story and with the past real-life experiences.

26:12 minute mark – what part of your book story is made up and which ones are real?

28:00 minute mark – Susie’s shares her great connection on the stories she read.

28:25 minute mark – The Baxters, the phenomenal radio series in the 80’s got people really emotionally connected and involved.

29:29 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Anthea Hodgson, go to: Anthea Hodgson

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