Challenges in life can most of the time be overwhelming but what if the challenges has been with you starting the day you were born. Our guest on this podcast is born with a hanhardt syndrome but he didn’t let it hinder him from achieving things in life, he is now a motivational speaker and a youtube sensation in which one of his videos featured him as a walker, a zombie to prank one of the stars in the hit Television series “The Walking Dead”, he is none other than Nick Santonastasso. Come listen to his life-changing story:

et0-1:26 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

1:27 minute mark – Guest Justin Coulson, Parenting guide book, a simple little trigger guide on how to make good decisions as a parent, nurturing children, discipline.

10:57 minute mark – commercial

11:27 minute mark – Guest athlete and motivational speaker Nick Santonastasso, hanhart syndrome, Nick views himself as a normal guy doing what he loves.

12:40 minute mark – Other people being inspired by what Nick does.

13:57 minute mark – Nick’s dad first witnessed his physical capabilities at the age of 2.

14:25 minute mark – Nick tried to use a prosthetic leg in his teen years.

15:45 minute mark – Nick on wrestling.

16:00 minute mark – Nick on driving.

18:00 minute mark – Nick on lifting weights and working at the gym.

19:20 minute mark – Nick on swimming.

20:30 minute mark – Look at it until you figure out a way to do it. One needs to fall to figure out how to get back up.

21:00 minute mark – The Nick Pranks.

22:01 minute mark – Nick’s sensational youtube video of “The zombie prank!”.

23:10 minute mark – Freshmen High School was the most difficult time for Nick, not being comfortable and not being able to fit in and not being able to find a job.

24:30 minute mark – Wrestling helped Nick feel comfortable with what he has and he gained friends.

25:25 minute mark – How Nick feels on people born with complete body parts but unable to take care of their body.

26:51 minute mark – Inspired by Nick Vujicic. Nick met Nick.

28:00 minute mark – Inspiring people is what Nick enjoys.

28:42 minute mark – Eating healthy.

30:00 minute mark – Staying positive in life and always being active. “Do it for the People who can’t do it!” – Nick Santonastasso.

31:18 minute mark – Body is just a percentage of what actually it takes to be happy and active in life half the time it is what’s in the head.

32:50 minute mark – closing part.

To find out more about Nick Santonastasso, go to: Nick Santonastasso

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