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Episode 204: Peter Farnan – Boom Crash Opera

Episode 204: Peter Farnan – Boom Crash Opera



Not being the frontman in a famous band is never a problem with our guest today. It didn’t stop him from writing hits like Great Wall, Dancing In The Storm, Hands Up In The Air and Get Out Of The House. Peter Farnan is still part of the iconic rock band Boom Crash Opera and he’s also a music teacher at the Melbourne Polytechnic.

et0-1:18 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

1:19 minute mark – Guest broadcaster and tech commentator Trent Geddes, brain training games and apps.

5:11 minute mark – commercial.

5:40 minute mark – Guest 80’s Australian Pop Rock band “Boom Crash Opera” member and songwriter Peter Farnan.

7:10 minute mark – Boom Crash Opera history and impact on fans through the years.

8:50 minute mark – Peter, the man behind the frontman (Richard Pleasance).

10:28 minute mark – Super talented Peter loves performing and doesn’t mind not having the limelight.

12:10 minute mark – Teaching at Melbourne Polytechnic.

12:56 minute mark – The new album “Pesky Bones”.

15:17 minute mark – The eulogy.

15:47 minute mark – Peter’s advice on young songwriters.

16:55 minute mark – Production is a big part and quality when it comes to creating songs.

17:57 minute mark – What other people think about the songs you create.

19:35 minute mark – Peter’s best student.

20:38 minute mark – Luke sharing his experience attending a seminar.

21:09 minute mark – Facebook is no longer cool with young people.

22:28 minute mark – “Pesky Bones” the record that Peter wanted to record! No vinyl for this record. CDs sound better than iTunes for Peter.

23:39 minute mark – The radio industry.

24:00 minute mark – Peter hopes to create a live act with movable cast of singers and get it live and wishes to make more records.

24:53 minute mark – Did the 13 singers do justice on your 12 songs?

26:50 minute mark – Closing part.


For more information on Book Crash Opera or to check their latest tour dates, click here.

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