He may not have won the inaugural season of Australian Idol, but Shannon Noll found a special place in Australian culture. With a new single and album on the way, we chat to the country boy who will forever ask “What About Me?”

et0-3:25 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

3:26 minute mark – Guest: “Work With Me” author Simon Dowling, sharing and accepting ideas, pitch ideas, relationship and coexisting.

11:52 minute mark – commercial.

12:22 minute mark – Guest first season Australian Idol runner up Shannon Noll.

13:35 minute mark – No expectations throughout the competition of Australian Idol.

14:30 minute mark – The song “What About Me”, Shannon’s Big moment.

15:29 minute mark – 13 years ago, maintaining that 15 minutes of fame.

16:42 minute mark – Theme song of the “Biggest Loser” television song.

18:37 minute mark – Is there rivalry between you and Guy Sebastian?

19:50 minute mark – Shannon used to be not a big fan of reality tv music shows.

21:47 minute mark – Shannon’s advice on aspiring young talents: right choice of songs, keep writing songs, perform the best you can.

23:00 minute mark – Shannon on Social Media: it’s a beneficial thing but it can also be detrimental.

24:37 minute mark – new single “Who I Am” and new album coming out March next year!

24:55 minute mark – Closing part.


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