There will always be those good and bad days in life, some things we cannot take control of and some things we can take control of and its up to us which ones should we take hold of for the betterment of our lives, for those whom we love and for those people who look up to us. We love our guest on this podcast in the sense that he is a tough fighter for he didn’t let his condition hinder him to achieve what he really wants in life, an Australian Paralympic swimmer who competed at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Paralympics winning two gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal, he is none other than Sam Bramham.

et0-2:00 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

2:01 minute mark – Guest former Australian Rules Footballer Mark Eustice.

2:30 minute mark – Head-butting incident and the suspension.

3:12 minute mark – Could have been on the 400 grand high-career market.

5:00 minute mark – What it’s like for Mark when he was still suffering from mental health issues and on substance abuse.

8:00 minute mark –Intervention, sought a professional help and undergo treatment, battling mental health issue and becoming better.

13:00 minute mark – the struggle of not going back to the old life of losing oneself to drugs and mental health illness.

14:30 minute mark – some players went through the same thing.

15:30 minute mark – difficult times, the struggle to live and to find jobs because of the past.

16:50 minute mark – motivational talks helped Mark a lot to get back on his feet.

18:00 minute mark – it really take years to get better and leave every bad habit behind.

18:52 minute mark – commercial.

19:22 minute mark – Guest is an Australian Paralympic swimmer who competed at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Paralympics winning two gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal, Sam Bramham.

20:50 minute mark – born with a missing part of his limb and no femur. What remained of his leg was amputated when he was five years old and remembers nothing about the operation.

22:00 minute mark – Being told you can’t but you can, one must have self-awareness of what he can do. Sam never thought of using prosthetic legs when competing at the Paralympics.

23:20 minute mark – Sam’s motivations.

23:50 minute mark – Sam’s advice on people with complete parts, the worst disability that someone can have is a bad attitude. “Its society that handicaps me” – Sam Bramham.

26:00 minute mark – the Paralympics moment.

27:09 minute mark – Sam as a Paralympics commentator.

27:27 minute mark –TV is something Sam would love to do.

28:00 minute mark –Sam live from Rio and the Rio experience.

30:20 minute mark – Sam’s best prank!

33:40 minute mark – Luke shared a story about the

34:50 minute mark – Susie asked Sam if he has ever used his prosthetic leg to get sympathy from other people in his favor.

36:00 minute mark –Sam feeling comfortable of himself and the success he is having despite his situation.

38:00 minute mark –Respect.

39:00 minute mark – Receiving the Medal of the Order of Australia.

40:48 minute mark – Closing part.


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