The weight of life didn’t stop this young man from pursuing his passion of video-making and making people happy. Using his car and his social skills, he was able to touch the lives of passengers from all walks of life even for just a few minutes. He’s none other than the Uber driver and YouTube sensation Jonathan Gaurano, better known as “Do Good Jonathan”! Come hear his story:

et0-1:59 0:00 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercial.

2:00 minute mark – Work from home and guest Alexandra Tselios of “The Big Smoke”. Poll: “Would you sacrifice 8% of your income (pay-cut) for the flexibility and the work-at-home advantages?”

6:40 minute mark – Work at the office – Jenny.

7:40 minute mark – Poll: “Would you sacrifice 8% of your income (pay-cut) for the flexibility and the work-at-home advantages?”

9:00 minute mark – (Working from home with 8% pay-cut) a yes and no! – Tamara

10:20 minute mark – (Working from home with 8% pay-cut) a yes! – Amanda

11:50 minute mark – (Working from home but without 8% pay-cut) yes! – Jared/Jarrod

13:18 minute mark – commercial

13:55 minute mark – Uber ride and puppies, youtube, guest Do Good Jonathan (Jonathan Gaurano).

16:00 minute mark – Surprise passengers with puppies.

17:03 minute mark – The Chainsmokers were once his passengers.

17:55 minute mark – “Life is beautiful” Jonathan’s line with passengers.

19:05 minute mark – Luke and Jonathan role play, Luke as passenger and Jonathan as Uber operator.

21:00 minute mark – Jonathan’s passion of making videos and making people happy.

23:00 minute mark – Uber driver came first before youtube video-making and owning a youtube channel.

23:40 minute mark – People started calling him “Do Good Jonathan” in 2014.

24:50 minute mark – Most interesting Uber ride – the one with passenger Rachel and friends, drunk and high, lost phone and cops.

28:00 minute mark – how did taxi industry take it with Uber rides coming in?

28:56 minute mark – Austin Texas banned Uber and cases of DUI’s (Driving under the influences of…) went up.

29:00 minute mark – Uber ride and same companies are what more people want.

30:00 minute mark – the reality of riding a taxicab, some taxicab drivers are picky on passengers.

32:00 minute mark – Luke loves riding Uber.

32:40 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Jonathan Gaurano, go to: Do Good Jonathan

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