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Dr Louise Mahler – The Currency of Trust

Dr Louise Mahler – The Currency of Trust

The Currency Of Trust

Authenticity and trust are now inescapable. People demand them from financial institutions. From leaders. From everyday brands. They are fundamental to success.

Technology is helping, but also hindering. There is no replacement for interpersonal excellence.

In this interview Dr Mahler presents practical skills for building credence and restoring the building blocks of trust.

Following a decade singing Opera in Europe, including a soloists contract at the Vienna State Opera, Louise Mahler began an exploration of performance as it applies to the business context and Louise observed a ‘missing ingredient’ in corporate leadership and completed an award- winning PhD around the unsung wisdom of the mind-body-voice connection she named Vocal Intelligence.

“The amateur practises until they get it right. The professional practises until they can’t get it wrong”

Dr Louise Mahler is a global thought leader in confident leadership communication. Passionate about staying human in a virtual world, Louise Mahler helps leaders and teams bring their best through body-language, voice and divulges the algorithms of engagement in high-stake engagement. 

While her tools and techniques are useful, practical and highly relevant, her impersonations of world leaders and in-the-moment audience analyses are hilarious while being real and highly informative

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