Tania Doko shot to stardom in 1998 as part of Australian duo Bachelor Girl. Alongside James Roche, the pair had a string of hits including “Buses & Trains”, “Permission To Shine” and “I’m Just A Girl”. These days, Tania lives in Sweden but still writes hits and helps upcoming artists develop their sound and style. We caught up with Tania on a brief trip home to Melbourne.


0 – 3:30 minute mark – Luke and Susie introduction and commercial.

3:31 minute mark – Guest Alex Tselios author from The Big Smoke , talk about Instagram changing their terms and privacy into a simpler and more comprehensive approach for youth users. How the text language is dominating social media world.

9:12 minute mark – commercial.

9:41 minute mark – Guest Aria Award-winning singer, composer, Bachelor Girl and the Australian/Swedish artist behind the 1998 smash hit “Buses and Trains”, Tania Doko.

10:51 minute mark – next year is the 20th year anniversary of the international half-million selling single Buses and Trains.

11:55 minute mark – Tania did a Sydney Opera gig last year.

12:50 minute mark – living Stockholm, Sweden.

14:10 minute mark – Tania’s father is an Albanian, her mother is Italian and she lives in Sweden.

14:49 minute mark – The song “Hungry” is about missing singing her own songs, working abroad made her sometimes feel vulnerable and she felt that sometimes she needs rescuing.

16:38 minute mark – “Even if it sounds dated and the genre is not the current thing, at the end of the day songs become classic because they just say something, they have message, and that’s what you want to leave people with.” – Tania Doko.

18:20 minute mark – Buses and Trains is one the most cried to songs of women, the song communicates to women all over the world saying it’s okay to sometimes get hurt.

18:50 minute mark – “the problem with social media and online presence, you never possess the real feeling, if you do, you complain. But songs, music are such opportunities to say what you’re really feeling right now, that’s why it’s a universal language.” – Tania Doko

20:00 minute mark – living in Sweden is like getting the best of both worlds traveling back and forth.

22:00 minute mark – Sweden, the accent, fun, country that takes most number of refugees, a little isolated but still fast phased.

23:50 minute mark – According to Tania, Sweden is the best place in the world to have a baby!

27:00 minute mark – In Sweden, fathers are required to take 3 months leave after the baby comes out. Wow!

29:00 minute mark – Meeting her lifetime partner in Sweden and having a family of her own wasn’t planned at all.

30:00 minute mark – Australia has better weather than Sweden. Tania is an Australian ambassadress in Sweden, and a Swedish ambassadress in Australia!

33:30 minute mark – Closing part.


You can find out more about Tania’s solo work here or re-live the glory days of Bachelor Girl here!

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