Being complete doesn’t always mean having everything you wanted but having everything you needed. Our guest on this podcast made us remember the value of true happiness and contentment, he is the author of the phenomenal “Uniquely Me” children’s book written to help kids with disabilities love their unique differences and he raises funds to create more books like this with the help of Kickstarter, he is none other than Trace Wilson. Born without a right hand, a case called Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), Trace made what he used to think is his weakness his strength as a writer and a future motivational speaker.


0 – 2:10 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

2:11 minute mark – Guest author Rowdy McLean and The Non-negotiables of life. Making people think that your time is more important than theirs is very disrespectful. Choice makes a negotiable a non-negotiable vice versa. Honoring somebody else’s time is negotiable.

6:55 minute mark – commercial.

7:22 minute mark – Guest author Trace Wilson, the author of the phenomenal book “Uniquely Me”. Trace was born with amniotic band syndrome (ABS) in which his right hand did not develop fully.

8:30 minute mark – Trace struggled with his condition when he was young and had to hide his arm in his pocket.

9:27 minute mark – Trace lived a normal life the moment he accepted his condition.

10:04 minute mark – Trace graduated as a marketing student last May and is currently employed. He is now hoping that through his experience he would jumpstart a public speaking career.

11:55 minute mark – Will Trace stay on the genre of children’s books?

11:27 minute mark – This man got bored in a car and decided to write something using his phone.

12:25 minute mark – Trace received a bionic arm which had helped him a lot in his everyday activities like picking up a dumbbell of 25 lbs without dropping it, picking up an egg and many more.

15:50 minute mark – Trace’s make’s one-hand jokes as ice breakers so that people won’t feel uncomfortable around him.

16:40 minute mark – The shark-bite joke.

18:48 minute mark – writing a story with his left thumb with a 70 wpm typing speed, Trace admits using bionic arm slows him to 30 wpm.

19:30 minute mark – “Uniquely Me” helped and is still helping a lot of parents and teachers worldwide in their parenting roles when it comes to handling problems of same sort.

21:11 minute mark – People should learn the difference between being different and being unique. Help children to be more accepting and inclusive of children who are unique and different.

23:55 minute mark – The relevance of Trace’s inspirational books to the growing problem on mental illness and high rate of suicide in Australia and abroad.

24:52 minute mark – “Uniquely Brave” an upcoming book from Trace Wilson is more about addressing, understanding, accepting and loving differences.

25:10 minute mark – Have you ever wrestled with your bionic arm using your other arm? – Luke

26:25 minute mark – “Uniquely me” is now sold out with 1600 copies (continuing to grow) and the next book Uniquely Brave is now funded and the next month or so will be out, with more than a thousand copies for each book in circulation.

27:09 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Trace Wilson, go to: Trace Wilson

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