It’s an animal episode of Luke and Susie.

There’s this park that Susie takes the kids to semi-regularly and on more than one occasion, it’s resulted in an interaction with a bird. Once it was an ibis eating a chick. Another time, it was having food stolen by a seagull. Most recently, though, it was discovering a seagull with a metal skewer hooked around its lower beak. Susie immediately ran to the nearest phone box to get her superhero costume on, but was, in the end, unsuccessful in her attempt to help the bird. We catch up with Liz Miller from Wildcare to get the lowdown on what Susie should have actually done, as opposed to what she did do, which was chase the bird around the park with her friend, who was holding a towel.

We also catch up again with Chern’ee Sutton, 19 year-old Kalkadoon artist, who’s work on the 2018 Commonwealth Games mascot was revealed today. Borobi’s hands and feet hold the indigenous component of the mascot, which Chern’ee designed. She shares the story represented in each element of the design.


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To see more about the 2018 Commonwealth Games Mascot, go to: Borobi

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