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Some people make you feel energised just by talking to them. That’s exactly how today’s guest makes us feel. Her name is Nikki Fogden-Moore and her life is full to the brim. She is a vitality coach, helping people who are already high achievers find greater fulfilment across all areas of their life. As an author, speaker, podcaster and coach, Nikki is self-confessed to be blessed with energy and vitality in abundance. We look at what vitality is, how do we recognise when we have or or are missing it and what do we do if we’re lacking it.

We also catch up with Alexandra Tselios from The Big Smoke. President Madura has a creative solution to the electricity crisis of his homeland, Venezuela. Not that the girls will like it, as they’re advised to turn off the hairdryers and straighteners. We look at the situation, the proposed solution and come up with some suggestions of our own.




To find out more about Nikki Fogden-Moore, go to: The Vitality Coach
Check out The Big Smoke
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